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All you need to know about me, for the purposes of a blog like this, is that if you want to win your fantasy basketball league, you should listen to what I say. I’ve been in more than a dozen fantasy basketball leagues in the past five years and have NEVER failed to finish out of the money.

As for my fantasy exploits in other sports, well, that’s for another blog altogether.

However, for a little bit more “credible” background, I’ve worked in the sports media field since 2000 and have spent a majority of the last four NBA seasons covering New Jersey Nets home games (and some Knicks as well). So I’ve spent a large amount of time watching basketball and having tremendous access to players, reporters and NBA staff.

Not much of that is fantasy-relevant, but too much information is never enough.

Why Fantasy Basketball JEDI, of all things? Well, I gew up a Star Wars fan (I was born in 1977, who didn’t?) and although the prequels took care of that fandom, it’s flat out hard finding a name for a fantasy blog. They are all taken (Expert, Guru, Master, etc) so I went with something no one else had. Hopefully, it doesn’t stick.


16 responses to “About Me

  1. Sam Pearson

    Hello Jedi:

    Enjoyed your hints and suggestions. I have been a fantasy basketball player for many, many years and haved followed a great many of your principals.

    I play in a Strat-O-Matic basketball in a keeper league. Starting my third year. Over past two years the team has improved from 18 to 32 wins. I won the draft lottery this year and I am selecting Kevin Durant. Our league closley follows the NBA with signing players to contract and salary caps. My team name is the Gaithersburg Jedi Knights.

    Last I drafted Josh Boone in the third round and placed him on my development squad. After a solid season last year I signed him to a three year contract. Will he start at center or power forward? Should I have signed him to a longer contract. What is your evaluation of Boone’s potential?

    Thanks for your tip and also discuss your thoughts on keeper leagues. Hope to hear from you when you get the chance.

    Jedi Sam Pearson

  2. fantasyaddict


    To be frank (and I don’t mean Lawrence Frank), the Nets are in complete disarray. For fantasy purposes, Boone is a solid rebounder, especially on the offensive end and that team is going to miss A LOT of shots this season.

    However, the frontcourt situation is very unclear at the moment. Sean Williams (a block machine) is also in the mix as well as Yi and the Nets drafted 7-footer Brooke Lopez.

    The Nets are going to have a lot of size but it is to be determined who is going to get the most minutes over the next couple months leading up to the season.

    If I had to project, I would think Boone would start the season as the center and Williams at power forward. I expect Lopez to see limited minutes and Yi won’t really threaten Boone’s value because they have different skills.

    Boone will provide some value but how much depends on how the rest of the team shakes out.

  3. Dao

    Hey, don’t know if this is the best place to ask this question but I need some advise concerning the selection of a franchise player for my 30 team fantasy league. My team happen to be the New York Knicks, other than J. Crawford, is there anyone on the team even worth considering for franchise player?

    There has been conflicting reports about David Lee, first D’Antoni doesn’t like him, reportedly tried to trade him once he got the coaching gig. Then there’s all this talk from fantasy “experts” that he would explode this year because he would fit perfectly as a hustle guy into D’Antoni’s system. For the record I don’t think David Lee will break out but if he gets great FG%, double double and like one block then maybe he would be a “safer” pick for franchise player than Crawford? There’s also Zach Randolph I could consider but I don’t think him or Nate Robinson will have too much of an impact to warrant first pick and franchise player status. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

  4. fantasyaddict

    Need a little more to go on, Dao. How does the league work? It sounds like if the guy leaves Knicks, you have to give him up too.

    The Knicks shouldn’t be trading Lee but either way, Crawford isn’t going anywhere and is the Knicks best fantasy player.

    As much as Lee will likely benfit from D’Antoni’s style, Crawford will be like a kid in a candy store. Running around and shooting was his game to begin with and now, with the “Seven Seconds or Less” mentality, he’ll be encouraged.

    Crawford won’t help your FG% at all, but he’ll score, post a great FT%, a ton of 3-pointers and a healthy number of assists and steals.

    Just pray Marbury doesn’t come back and fuck everything up.

  5. Dao

    the league is a keeper 10-cat h2h league and no, i don’t need to trade my franchise player if the guy leaves the knicks.

    The cats are Pts, OREB, DREB, Assists, Steals, Blocks, A/T FG%, FT%, and 3PTM

    Crawford should help w/ pts, assists steals(?), 3PTM, and FT% but will kill my FG% and i’ve never played w/ A/T before so no idea if Crawford’ll kill that in relation to league average or not…

    Lee’ll help me w/ OREB, DREB, Blocks, and %’s w/ no drawback and both have great potential so i’m kind of indecisive. Right now i’m leaning more towards crawford…

  6. Dao

    oh yeah and the 2nd round draft order is based on where your player ranked based on the Yahoo! pre-season fantasy ranking of players…so if your franchise player is the lowest ranked of the 30 franchise players then you draft first and vice-cersa….so another question is think I should pick randolph and then get a first round talent second round by getting to pick first or too much meta-gaming?

  7. fantasyaddict

    Firstly, when is your draft? There is so much cloudiness around Lee’s situation that the whole scenario might be clearer in a couple weeks.

    I’m among those who think is a great fit for D’Antoni’s style, but he doesn’t have the potential for huge numbers Crawford does. Even if Lee averages 14 points and 10 rebounds, he doesn’t block shots and his high FT% is almost meaningless because he hardly every gets to the line.

    Of the categories you listed, Crawford will give you Points, Assists, Steals, 3-pointers and a tremendous FT%. If the Knicks play an up tempo style, those numbers are bound to go up because they will get more possessions per game.

    Crawford’s A/TO ratio last season was 2.07, which put him ninth among shooting guards, just behind Vince Carter and Joe Johnson.

    And while the entire Knicks rotation is a mystery, thebackcourt (especially Crawford’s role) seems more secure than the Lee’s place in the frontcourt. Keep in mind that Randolph and Eddy Curry are still on the roster and if the Knicks want to trade either one, those guys have to play.

  8. fantasyaddict

    And as far as drafting to get the top pick, don’t overthink. Crawford is very good, but he’s not an elite player. I’m not sure what Yahoo! has him ranked but he may be the lowest-ranked franchise player anyway.

  9. Dao

    the draft isn’t in another two weeks but i have to submit my franchise pick in two days and yahoo has Crawford (70) ranked between Oden (69) and Beaseley (78) right now based on the 22 teams that have submitted their franchise players and based on my own projection of who ppl will pick for franchise player, I’m pretty sure i’ll pick 4th overall in the 2nd round (snake draft ftw, first round is for franchise picks), right now based on my own projection (I can email you what i have if you want to take a look) I would probably get a chance to pick Baron Davis, Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Camby, Nash, Gasol, Boozer or Shards 2nd round (I’m definitely going w/ AI if he’s still on board)

  10. Scottie Pippen

    Hello Jedi – My question is based on rookies this year. Our H2H keeper league has a rookie-only draft and I have the 10th pick. I’m assuming Beasley, Rose, Mayo, R. Fernandez, Love, Westbrook, Gordon, and possibly Bayless will be gone when I pick. I’m narrowing my choice to either Augustin or B. Lopez, unless there’s another player I should consider like A. Randolph, J. McGee or M. Gasol. Thoughts?

  11. fantasyaddict

    Wow, this is a tough one. If all those players you mentioned are gone, I think you hit the nail right on the head and Lopez and Augustin are the next two best rookies.

    Augustin has been somewhat erratic in the preseason, showing the usual rookie point guard tendencies of dribbling too much and poor shot selection. That’s not an indictment of his future, though.

    He’s shot 40 percent from 3-point range in college and is certainly quick enough to play at the NBA level. I think he has a higher upsider than Lopez.

    However, Lopez is an offensively skilled big man on a team that currently has a shaky frontcourt (Yi, Williams and Boone, who is struggling with health issues). So Lopez may be seeing big minutes off the bat with the Nets.

    For immediate returns I think Lopez is the safer choice but if you can afford to gamble a little (and I feel that’s what the rookie draft is probably all about), Augustin is the way to go.

    Buf if you’re leaguemates are sleeping, go with Beasley, Fernandez, Love, Rose, Mayo, Westbrook, Gordon, and Bayless if they are there (in that order long-term, at least that’s my opinion).

  12. Scottie Pippen

    Speaking of sleeping, I ‘ve got some names to throw out and I’m curious who you like from this group of “sleepers” . 12 team H2H, guys I’m looking at for my bench include Brandon Bass, Linas Kleiza, Rodney Stuckey, Amir Johnson, Kelenna Azubuike, Matt Barnes, Jordan Farmar, Nate Robinson, Wilson Chandler. Our scoring system favors guys who get blocks, steals, and 3 pointers.

  13. fantasyaddict

    That’s a solid group of sleeper-type players. I worry about all Knicks right now because they are still figuring out the rotation, etc.

    My favorite two guys in that group for upside are Farmar (first guard off the bench for the Lakers) and Johnson (if McDyess or Wallace get hurt, he;ll get big minutes and lots of blocks). Same with Stucky if Billups or Hamilton get banged up.

    Barnes will be a 3-point bomber with the Suns and possibly more valuable that Raja Bell. Kleiza still won’t get enough burn with Iverson, Anthony and J.R. Smith doing most of the shooting.

    If I was rating them on a list of desireability I’d go Farmar, Johnson, Barnes, Stuckey, Kleiza, Robinson, Chandler (though I really like Chandler more than Robinson, I’m just not convinced of his minutes yet).

  14. Scottie Pippen

    Thanks for the feedback Jedi. Our rookie draft went quite well, I landed Russell Westbrook with the 10th pick! The order went Beasley, Rose, Mayo, Gordon, Bayless, Love, Gasol, B. Lopez, Fernandez, Westbrook. As for my bench picks, I snagged T. Young, JR Smith, R. Brewer, Farmar and W. Chandler, so hopefully a few of them will pan out.

    I do have one question, I need a backup Center, how would you rank these players in a H2H, points based league. Blount, Turiaf, B. Wallace, Mohammed, Milicic, and Josh Boone. Thanks.

  15. Frank


    I’ve been reading you blog and putting your fantasy basketball skills to use for the last two years.

    Recently, I started playing daily fantasy basketball at http://www.papersports.com. I know that there are some other sites that do this, but basically, you draft a new team for each night. After playing a few weeks I’ve realized that understanding who is playing who at the player level is very important.

    Do you have any other tips about picking new teams every day?

  16. Firstly, I’m not sure how you’ve been reading my advice for two years when I started this blog this season.

    But anyway, I like the idea of drafting a new team each night, although it would probably kill me in the long run.

    In a league like that, it’s all about opponents. There are certain teams that all players seem to play well against, namely because poor defensive teams or teams that play at fast pace give up more possessions per game, which lead to more shots, points, assists, rebounds, etc.

    Accoring to Basketball Monster, the easiest teams to have good fantasy games against this season are Golden State, Oklahoma City, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Sacramento, the Los Angeles Clippers, Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis and Atlanta.

    You still always draft superstars first, for no team can really stop Chris Paul and LeBron, but when considering the rest of the roster, the opponent should be a dictating factor.

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