The Kidd’s Alright

My first fantasy basketball trade of the season went down this week as I dealt Vince Carter in exchange for Jason Kidd in my eight-category roto league. In the end, this trade was about my desperate need for assists and my having a few too many similar players.

With my three guard positions consisting of Joe Johnson, Eric Gordon and Carter, I was lacking a true point guard. My roster also contains Andre Miller and T.J. Ford, but neither is inspiring much confidence at the moment.

Johnson, Carter and Gordon are essentially the same player – lots of 3-pointers, great FT%, a bunch of points, some decent assists and some steals. I would certainly have preferred to deal Gordon, whom I judge to be the least valuable of the trio, bit his injury problems have made him difficult to deal.

There was no way I was trading Johnson, who is playing for a contract, so I regretfully parted ways with Carter.

Usually I like to ensure I’m getting the best player in any deal. By “best player” I’m referring to their placement on my preseason rankings. I had Carter at 20 and Kidd at 39 so I certainly lost a bit of value there.

But stacking up the projections for each player side-by-side, I was comfortable pulling the trigger: 

Carter 77 .445 .810 1.6 19.8 5.0 4.5 1.0 0.4
Kidd 79 .400 .810 1.3 8.6 5.9 8.7 1.6 0.3


Kidd’s percentages are irrelevant, since he doesn’t take nearly enough shots to have an effect on a fantasy team. I’m losing a ton of points, but with Gordon, Johnson, Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, Chris Bosh and Michael Redd on the roster, I’m not likely to fall short in that department.

Kidd gives me slightly more rebounds and far more assists and steals – two categories in which I’m near the bottom of the league.

As far as what the former teammates have done thusfar this season, Kidd is ranked seventh in cumulative value in eight-category leagues while Carter, who has missed a few games with an ankle injury, is only 103rd.

Even when it comes to per game value Kidd is way ahead at 14th while Carter is just 78th. I don’t necessarily expect these rankings to hold, but if they do I’m in great shape.

The numbers for both thusfar: 

Carter 15 .409 .807 2.0 19.2 5.3 2.5 0.7 0.5
Kidd 19 .433 .900 2.1 8.6 5.6 9.1 1.8 0.5


As before, disregard Kidd’s percentages. What’s jarring is Carter’s lack of assists and Kidd’s proficiency from 3-point range. I’m hoping Kidd’s role with the retooled Mavericks allows him to maintain his 3-point pace, which would make the trade more than beneficial from my end.

The team’s current roster as it stands:

PG: Jason Kidd
SG: Eric Gordon
G: Joe Johnson
SF: Rudy Gay
PF: Paul Millsap
F: Josh Smith
C: Chris Bosh
C: Marc Gasol
U: Nate Robinson
U: T.J. Ford
BN: Andre Miller
BN: Shaquille O’Neal
BN: Michael Redd

Clearly, Ford and Miller need to sort themselves out, D’Antoni has to come to his sense regarding Robinson and Redd’s knee must heal for this team to win the title.

More on that in an upcoming post surveying my fantasy success after the first month.


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