Be Thankful

Even in the insulated, relatively unimportant realm of fantasy basketball, there are plenty of things to be thankful for. Here are a few of mine …

… Allen Iverson for whining his way out of Memphis and not robbing shots and value from the likes of Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol.

… Gay for finally rewarding my faith in him after three seasons.

… Gasol for grabbing the white hot Spanish spotlight from his hamstrung brother. Best … 11th-round pick …. Ever.

… Josh Smith for finally realizing a player with his athletic ability should not be throwing up 3-pointers and shooting off-balance jumpers.

… Lou Williams for realizing his potential after Andre Miller cleared the way by defecting to Portland.

… Manu Ginobili for keeping the NBA arenas bat-free. What could be worse that finding out one of your players is out after getting bit by a bat. Thanks Manu!

… Matt Bonner for realizing that you’re only job is to launch 3-pointers and become a solid small-ball center.

… Lebron James. I don’t own him in any leagues but just imagining it makes me all fuzzy inside.

… Mike D’Antoni, Don Nelson, Kurt Rambis and any other coach whose team instantly turns their opponent into a fantasy cornucopia.

… Jason Kidd for retaining strong fantasy value even though he can no longer hit a shot from inside the 3-point line.

… Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans for significantly preying on the injured corpses of Michael Redd and Kevin Martin, respectively.

… J.R. Smith for taking on his phenomenal birth name of Earl Smith III.

On the flip side, when I visit the bathroom following the Thanksgiving feast, I will most likely be thinking about ….

… Devin Harris and his fragile frame.

… Stephen Jackson bitching his way out of a fantasy gold mine.

… Kirk Hinrich for slowly draining my faith in white people.

… T.J. Ford for somehow not producing offense on a team that plays no defense.

… Jeff Green for turning me from a non-believer into a believer. Until I drafted him.

… Raymond Felton for not yet proving I was right to call him a great buy-low option.

… Blowing my waiver wire priority on Redd only to see Ginobili, Andre Miller and Stephen Curry get dropped days later.

Then again, maybe this should be in the thankful section, as in thankful so many rival owners are self-destructing so early in the season.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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6 responses to “Be Thankful

  1. Dowjones

    You think Capt. Kirk’s slump has any long term concerns?

  2. I fear Kirk may be done – finished – as a fantasy asset. He’s become Luke Ridnour!

  3. Daniel

    Allow me to solicit your advice

    I’m rocking about the 4th, 5th spot in my 15 team 9 cat roto league this year and was wondering if you think any of these offers for Wade would be worth it/put me over the top. I am near or @ the top in FG%, Stls, Blks, last in FT% and need a boost in 3’s, pts, assts and rebs and hopefully cut To’s

    My team:
    *kept going into this year
    pg Kidd*
    sg Wade*
    g Chalmers
    g A. Parker
    sf Morrow
    pf Green*
    f Douglas-Roberts
    f Harden
    c Howard*
    c Oden*
    util Bogut


    Eric Gordon, Calderon, Deng, Robinson, Beasley for Wade

    Ellis, Lewis, Mo Williams, Haywood for Wade

    Stuckey, J-rich, Okafor, Ridnour, Will Bynum

    Ford, Billups, Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, Battier

    • I usually consider top tier guys, which would be James, Paul, Wade, Bryant, Durant and Granger – untradebale. But with the way Ellis is playing, that second deal for Wade (Ellis, Lewis, Mo Williams, Haywood) seems pretty good.

      At the end it seems there was just a string of players…. “Stuckey, J-rich, Okafor, Ridnour, Will Bynum

      Ford, Billups, Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, Battier”

      Not sure what the deal was supposed to be there.

  4. Daniel

    one more:

    Ben Gordon, Scola, Aldridge, Kenyon Martin, Thad Young


  5. DNYL

    sorry those were player groups i was being offered for wade

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