Lessons Repeatedly Learned

Some time ago in one of my 12-team/eight-category roto leagues, I grabbed Michael Redd off the waiver wire (why he was dropped, I can’t say). I immediately plugged him into one of my utility slots, well aware he wouldn’t play for a couple weeks.

Usually I don’t mind having “extra” games available at the utility position because it’s always easy to fill those spots as the season goes along and max out the games limit. Plus, with Eric Gordon, Nate Robinson and T.J. Ford also hurt, I was out of healthy bodies.

Over the past week the rumors swirled that Redd’s return from a sore knee was imminent. And yet, I left him sitting there in an active roster spot. As a result, I was “rewarded” on Monday with four points and two assists and a 1-of-6 performance from the free-throw line.

Redd – an 84 percent shooter from the line in 552 career games – missed FIVE free throws in one game.

It’s as if the Force that guides fantasy basketball decided to smack me in the face and remind me: never start a player in his first game back from an injury, especially when said player is an older veteran with a worrisome knee.

Cruel fate teaches yet another lesson in fantasy roster management.


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