Jeffersonian Slump

While I still hold the belief that Al Jefferson remains a great buy-low candidate, there an interesting take on his situation over at True Hoop.

Could it be that the hopelessness of the Timberwolves situation has led Jefferson into a season-long malaise? Has he lost the fire to be great because his team can’t be?

If anything, you can forward this to the Jefferson owner in your league in attempt to shake his confidence and pry the big fella loose. At the very least, he’ll be undervalued going into next season.

Hey, it’s never too early to start thinking about next season. Ask the Nets and Knicks.



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2 responses to “Jeffersonian Slump

  1. Dowjones

    Just netted Big Al and Terence Williams from some owner for B-easy and Caron Butler, did I give up too much in a buy-low attempt?

    I’ve been very uneasy about butler as he’s already missed games and Big Al will be a much better game changer comboed with nene and Amare (This is a 20-man league). What are your thoughts on this trade?

    • Butler worries me too, especially with the recent rumors that he and Arenas don’t get along. He’s never been durable and hasnt played more than 67 games since 05-06 (I projected him for 69 this season). Even though I projected Butler as a late second-rounder and Jefferson as an early fourth rounder, it’s a good trade if you needed a big man.

      Plus, Williams is not worth owning right now. His minutes are plummeting and he is as inefficient a player as you can find.

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