Fire and Ice: Earl Watson and David West

Each Tuesday, we’ll examine two players that have gone in opposite directions in the previous week and their prospects for the immediate future.

Fire: Earl Watson

Not to toot my own horn, but Watson’s possible jump in value was explored when T.J. Ford was shockingly injured.

And while he’s played only two games in the past week, Watson is ranked as the 16th-best fantasy player over the past week by Basketball Monster.

Watson’s true value is that he does a little big of everything and his stats reflect that: 14.0 points, 2.0 3-pointers, 5.0 assists, 4.0 rebounds 1.5 steals and 1.0 blocks with a .615 FG% and a .889 FT%.

Clearly, his numbers are not going to stay quite at that level. His percentages (.417/.708 career) are sure to drop and the blocks are a bit out of whack since he had two in one game – a rarity.

But the 3-pointers, rebounds, steals and assists are exactly what Watson can provide if he continues to get 30-plus minutes per game. He started on Saturday over Ford, who will likely battle injuries throughout the season as he normally does.

Ford’s health is the key. If he recovers to full health, Watson isn’t worth owning.

Ice: David West

It may be time for owners to start worrying about West, who is struggling on a team that is adjusting to a coaching team and will now have to play without Chris Paul.

West has played four games in the past week and despite averaging more than 33 minutes per contest has managed only 12.5 points and 0.3 blocks. His 8.8 rebounds per game were nice, but only helped him finish the week ranked 154th by Basketball Monster.

The most alarming aspect is that West didn’t have one solid all-around game. He scored 17, 10, 15 and 8 and only registered one block and one steal during the whole stretch.

West isn’t going to play this poorly the entire season, but with Byron Scott fired and Paul out for a month, it may take a while. It’s probably a good time to buy low if you need a solid forward.

West was ranked as a third-rounder in the preseason projections and he’s sure to bounce back from the slow start to post respectable numbers.

Basketball Monster rankings involve FG%, FT%, Pts, Rebs, Asts, Stls and Blks.


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