Does Goes Speights, Up Comes …. Jason Smith?

After all but writing off Elton Brand for dead last week, it seems his value got an enormous boost when Mareese Speights, who had been thriving this season, was lost for two months with a knee injury.

But instead of reading about an opportunity for Brand to reclaim his spot in the Sixers’ frontcourt, it seems that Jason Smith may be in the starting lineup for Philadelphia on Wednesday.

So exactly who is Smith and should he be paid attention to in fantasy leagues?

Smith is a 7-footer drafted by the Miami Heat in 2007 and then sent to Philadelphia in a draft-day trade for Daequan Cook. He’s played limited minutes in 83 games with the Sixers over the past one-plus seasons.

The results are nothing to get thrilled about. Per 36 minutes, Smith has averaged 10.9 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.6 blocks and has shot just 44 percent from the floor and 67 percent from the line. Interestingly enough, he is 8-for-24 from 3-point range in his career, which quite a few attempts for a 7-footer in limited time.

Smith appears to have a curious skill set and may be able to contribute in blocks while chipping in some rebounds and 3-pointers with significant playing time.

But he’s certainly not worth grabbing off the waiver wire right away and it will speak volumes about Brand’s seeming expendability if Smith is in the starting lineup on Wednesday.


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