Start Preparing Now….

One of the wondrous things about fantasy sports is that there is really no such thing as TOO much preparation. As a result (and in an effort to redeem my subpar performance at the end of this past season), I’m already working on stuff for the blog relating to next season.

One quick aside: don’t get too caught up in the playoff performances of some of this year’s heroes. Trevor Ariza, Aaron Brooks, Mickael Pietrus and others all had some superb moments. And when drafting next season it’s entirely possible that your playoff memories may cloud your judgement.

But playoff success is predicated on matchups and specific scenarios while the regular season is a marathon where a players usefulness and effectiveness shift on a daily basis.

Good luck and as the free agents start switching teams, there will be much more activity to come!



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2 responses to “Start Preparing Now….

  1. brendankogrady

    Whoah, Jedi’s back! Whoo!

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