Newsful Wednesday

Is that a word, newsful? As in chock full of news? Well, it is now.

Wednesday is my favorite day of the NBA week, because there is usually a shitload of games. Conversely, I hate Thursday’s. Usually just two games, they start late and sometimes aren’t the best matchups (but usually are). That’s why I always seem to post on Wednesday and this week is no exception. And not only were there a lot of games (12), but a lot of shit happened.

Instead of making numerous posts, I’ll just run them down real quick:

Both Marcus Camby and Baron Davis returned for the Los Angeles Clippers. Both played about 22 minutes while Camby had six points and six rebounds in 22 minutes and Davis had three points on 1-of-10 shooting and four assists.

The fallout is undeniable: the short period of value for DeAndre Jordon is gone as is any hope of Mardy Collins having value once he returns. As time moves along, clearly Davis will be taking some shots away from rookie Eric Gordon.

But Gordon’s FT% and ability for 3-pointers and steals still make him valuable. And with Davis on the court to draw defenses, it might actually help make Gordon (.434 FG%) a little more efficient.

Al Thornton is in the same boat as Gordon. His overall production may suffer slightly but he still does enough things well to make him worth having.

Of course, Davis and Camby don’t exactly have the best track record at staying healthy. I’d keep any Clippers except for Jordan and Collins, who are droppable. Just remember that future injury situations could make them quickly valuable once again.

At the risk of giving many fantasy owners some heartburn, Danny Granger missed Wednesday’s win over Milwaukee with a sore knee. But the more information that begin to trickle out, the more concern there is about the injury.

The knee has been bothering Granger for the last six or seven games, not that you could tell from his performances.

Gratuitous awful quote:

“It’s messed up. There’s a tendon that’s required for me to jump and move and it’s attached to my bone. It was getting better and then we went through a stretch where it started getting worse and worse playing on it.”

That doesn’t sound great. Could Granger be the second-half version of his teammate Mike Dunleavy, who missed so much time with knee injury that was pretty much a mystery?

As with any player of Granger’s stature, there are numerous guys who could statistically benefit from his absence. After all, that’s 26 points and 19 shots per game that will be dispersed among the rest of the team.

T.J. Ford, Dunleavy and Troy Murphy will all get more touches than usual. Marquis Daniels could return the early season value he provided while Dunleavy was sidelined. Jarrett Jack, who has been in a slump since Ford returned to full health, has a chance to regain his form with more minutes.

On Wednesday, Jack had 14 points, six assists and three steals playing the backcourt alongside Ford, who had a monster game (34 points). Daniels had just three points but did get 29 minutes – his most since January 2 – and collected four rebounds, four assists and three steals.  

And finally, could this week get any better for those who have Ramon Sessions? First Michael Redd goes down with a season-ending knee injury and Wednesday Luke Ridnour suffered a concussion against Indiana.

Concussions are tricky things, so it’s hard to gauge how this will affect Ridnour, but it’s a safe bet he will at least miss Milwaukee’s games on Friday and Saturday.

The result is that Sessions will be running the point and we might get some of the gaudy assist totals he posted towards the end of last season. In the two games following Redd’s injury, Sessions played as the two guard alongside Ridnour and had 34 points (11-of-23 FGs, 12-of-15 FTs), seven rebounds, five assists and four steals.

Last season, Sessions took over after Mo Williams got hurt and averaged 13.1 points, 13.1 assists, 5.6 rebounds and 1.6 steals while starting at point guard in the final seven games .

Part of that small sample size was skewed by a 24-assist game, but take out that performance and he averaged 11.3 assists in the other six games.

Ridnour is relatively fragile and if the injury lingers, Sessions could provide a huge boost in assists over the next few weeks. His value in FT% and steals is set in stone for the rest of the season. Now if he could only get some range on that jump shot.

Look for Charlie Bell as the most likely player to replace Ridnour in the starting lineup. With enough minutes, Bell has a chance to contribute some 3-pointers and steals, but his per minute numbers are the worst of his career and he has struggled this season. It’s hard to reccomend dropping anyone for Bell just because he may have some value over the next few games. It’s going to be Sessions’ show.


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