Bynum: The Resurrection?


Bynum's pumped, but he's not averaging 33 and 14 the rest of the way.

Bynum's pumped, but not averaging 33 and 14 the rest of the way.

After a dominant 42-point, 15-rebound monster against a shorthanded Los Angeles Clippers team on Wednesday, Andrew Bynum was had 23 points and 14 rebounds against the Washington Wizards on Thursday.

So is this the resurrection of the nightly double-double threat Bynum seemed to be prior to last year’s knee injury. Partially, but I’m skeptical.

First, let me be clear that I’ve been trying to land Bynum via trade in a couple of my leagues for a few weeks. I felt that he would outperform his previous slump and have better value for the remainder of the season, making him a potential buy-low option.

Now, it seems that no one would dare let him go, imagining he will average 24 and 12 for the rest of the season. Not happening.

Firstly, Bynum’s games against the two worst teams in the NBA. Secondly, the only defenders over 6-10 that the 7-footer had to face in those games were DeAndre Jordan, JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche. Hardly a who’s who of defensive prowess.

This back-to-back display is a great sign, though. It’ll do a lot for Bynum’s confidence and possible propel him towards averaging somewhere around 15 points, nine rebounds and two blocks for the remainder of the season, which is what I was expecting all along.

Only now, opposing owners are expecting it too. Damn.


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