Caution on Bayless

Of course I mean Jerryd Bayless, because if I was referring to Skip Bayless I would’ve urged extreme caution. As in “do-not-ever-listen-to-that-douchebag” caution.

As a follow up to Wednesday’s post regarding the hole left by Steve Blake’s injury, Sergio Rodriguez got the nod at starting point guard for Portland on Thursday but it was Bayless who had the much better game off the bench.

Rodriguez had four points, four assists, two turnovers and one steal while making 2-of-6 shots from the floor in 22 1/2 minutes.

Bayless scored a career-high 23 points on 6-of-9 shooting and made 11-of-11 free throws. He had three rebounds, three assists and one turnover.

In some leagues, owners have already frantically rushed to pick up the young stud. But be careful.

Bayless made just 25 percent of his shots entering Thursday and shot less than 46 percent from the floor in his final college season. He is a strong free-throw shooter, but rookie point guards rarely get 11 free throws in a game.

The game was a product of Bayless’ ability to get to the basket against a soft Nets’ defense. He will find that much harder to achieve against future opponents and his jump shot is not good enough to rely on consistently.

Secondly, Blake’s separated shoulder is not as severe as first though and he may be back as quickly as next week.

Portland coach Nate McMillan will likely keep Gonzalez in the starting lineup and will give more minutes to whomever is playing better on game on a game-by-game basis.

For now, Bayless is a potential pickup for deeper head-to-head leagues as Portland has three home games next week. However, there are 22 NBA teams playing four games next week, so there are probably better options out there.


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