Monta Practices

Monta will be soaring soon. Fantasy owners rejoice!

Monta will be soaring soon. Fantasy owners rejoice!

An exciting nugget from Tuesday’s Warriors practice, as Monta Ellis fully practiced for the first time this season.

This is intriguing news and a giant relief to anyone who took a risk on Ellis in their drafts and heard recent rumours that he might sit out the entire season.

The gist of the piece in the Contra Costa Times is basically this: Ellis looked to be about 75 or 80 percent healthy, he was talking a lot of trash and wasn’t favoring his previously injured ankle at all.

Some encouraging quotes:

“No pain. No swelling. Nothing. Everything feels good. It’s just I’ve been trying to get back safely.”

“I could do whatever I could do before I left.”

The reporter that wrote the piece gave it a 50/50 shot that Ellis would be back by Monday, which is tremendous. Give him maybe another week to get up to playing about 30 minutes per game, and Ellis owners are probably about 10 days away from having him back as a must-start, barring any setbacks.

So what does this mean for the rest of the Warriors roster? As discussed in a previous post, only Don Nelson knows for sure. He may switched to a five-guard lineup for all we know.

Marco Belinelli was recently sidelined for more than a week with a sprained ankle and I’d be surprised if he had any value once he comes back. Stephen Jackson, Jamal Crawford, Andris Biedrins and Corey Maggette each remain must-start players. Everyone else is basically expendable.

At least there will be no more agony in head-to-head leagues over whether Anthony Morrow and C.J. Watson are worth one-week pickups. Kelenna Azubuike is likely the most valuable remaining player on the roster and he’s going to take a big hit as well.

If you have any of the expendable Warriors, perhaps a pre-emptive drop for a better waiver wire option is in order. If you have Ellis, find a way to celebrate. How about a tub full of candy and some alcohol? Sounds good to me.


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