Random Blog Update

Blogging is hard.

Well, it’s not so much hard to sit here in type. That’s much easier than say, fighting in a karate tournament, skateboarding into a canyon or securing the Iraqi border.

And I’ve never found it hard to actually write. It actually comes pretty natural to me.

But it’s hard to a devise a clear vision/voice/approach for your blog and then – most importantly – be consistent with it. Case in point: I’ve been back from my “sabbatical” for only two weeks and already feel myself straying from the point of this blog.

The purpose was for analysis, which I feel was adequately achieved by the preseason team previews, the post regarding the fallout from Andrew Bogut’s injury fallout and the floundering value of Leandro Barbosa.

However, with the roundups/Walk It Off! I’m subconsciously venturing into providing daily news. There’s no point in that since ESPN, NBA Fanhouse, Hoops Don’t Lie, NBA.com, RotoWorld, etc. already have that well covered.

I’m not breaking any stories here and certainly don’t think or intend anyone to use this blog as a primary source of information, just a knowledgeable source providing helpful analysis to a fantasy-oriented audience. 

Long story short: the blog is evolving and I’m quickly learning exactly what final form it’s going to take and appreciate those of you sticking with it through the various transformations I’m making on the fly.

For those of you who are interested, these lessons learned will definitely help my fantasy baseball blog (going up shortly) go a little more smoothly.




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