Walk It Off!: Wednesday’s NBA Crybabies

Some injury notes from around The Association:

Pray for him.

Pray for him.

As covered in the Daily Roundup, Elton Brand suffered a hamstring injury in a loss to the Lakers. The extent of the damage is unknown, but the silent fear of everyone who drafted him in the first round (my hand is raised) has emerged. Maybe this guy is becoming injury-prone and we passed off the Achilles injury as fluke. If this leads to a lengthy absence, there will be a longer piece forthcoming.

(Mike Miller’s knee injury, Steve Nash’s sniffles and Andrew Bogut’s pounding head were also mentioned in the Roundup)

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Jameer Nelson did not return from his hip flexor, missing his fifth straight game. Ballsy move, misleading us all like that.

That’s More Like It:

Deron Williams played despite pre-game reports of a hip injury and put together 13 points and five assists. Wasn’t great but at least he came through with his balls intact.


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