Walk It Off!: Tuesday’s NBA Crybabies

Some injury notes from around The Association:

Congratulations to Tracy McGrady, who officially became the first player to lead consecutive installments of “Walk It Off!” Apparently the one week of rest needed to his knee is now more like three weeks. I believe Points in the Paint appropriately addresses the issue while kindly not in any way referring to McGrady’s vagina.

John Salmons missed Tuesday’s game with a strained left thigh on the same night that Kevin Martin returned. Why doesn’t he just sever a finger on his shooting hand and completely destroy his fantasy value?

Josh Howard missed his sixth straight game for the Mavs with an ankle injury after the joint “swelled up over night.” I hate when that happens.

Pacers reserve thug Jeff Foster sat out with a sore lack back, which he suffered while taking some offensive fouls against Orlando on Saturday. See? Don’t step in front of Dwight Howard! Anyway, this development only increases my fantasy love of Rasho Nesterovic.

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, it appears that Carlos Boozer will not return until next week at the earliest with a strained quad. Andrei Kirilenko also sat for the Jazz with a right ankle injury. We need to strip Kirilenko of that bad ass “AK-47” nickname until he learns to play through shit like this. Paul Millsap owners rejoice.

Nate Robinson missed his third straight game with a groin injury (aka STD)  and he and his owners are missing out on all the Knicks’ high-scoring fun.

Dallas forward Antoine Wright also has a groin injury and if you actually own him, you never had any hope of winning your league so just quit now.

That’s More Like It:

True to his word, Carmelo Anthony played through his nagging right elbow problem and scored 23 points with six rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal. That’s manning up!

Jameer Nelson will likely return tonight after missing four games with a clearly made up injury called a hip flexor. He was just waiting for the rest of the Orlando backcourt to go down so he could get more shots, the selfish prick.


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