Daily Roundup for Tuesday, December 2

Some observations made while watching the NBA in between taking diuretics with Deuce McCallister:

Ol spindly legs was back!

Ol spindly legs is back!


Lots of candidates here but the biggest has to be the return of Sacramento’s Kevin Martin, who was a game-time decision after missing 12 games with an ankle injury. He came off the bench and still poured in 22 points and made three 3-pointers and played nearly 33 minutes.

Safe to say he can be activated now.

Jermaine O’Neal also returned from an ankle injury and collected 12 points, two rebounds and a block while playing just 18 minutes. At this point, the Raptors may be willing to treat the big lug like a faberge egg, which would hurt his long-term value if his minutes are capped.

Player on Sale:

Statistically it’s clear he’s way down and I wasn’t high on him coming into the season, but we may have officially entered they buy low period for Lamar Odom. He played just 27 minutes (actually better than his average) on Tuesday and scored just two points but five assists, three rebounds, three steals and the blocks.

Odom’s per minute averages are pretty much the same as last season with a few less rebounds and more steals and blocks. He’s just playing less in his new role as sixth man. The big question is: will that change?

Obviously no one outside of Phil Jackson twisted, lumbering mind knows for sure. But at this point you may be able to get Odom for a mere pittance and just the potential of increased minutes and what he can do with them may be worth the gamble.

Smoke and Mirrors:

J.J Barea came out of nowhere on Tuesday, playing 25 minutes for the Mavs, including major time down the stretch. He scored 15 points on 7-of-11 shooting with six assists and just one turnover.

But keep the Puerto Rican pride in check, he’s a 40 percent career shooter from the floor and 73 percent from the line. This is not the start of Jose Calderon part dos.

One Man’s Trash….

After a couple of duds, Rasho Nesterovic went bananas against the Lakers on Tuesday with 16 points on 8-of-13 shooting, 10 rebounds, four assists and a steal. Plus, as an added bonus, Jeff Foster was sidelined with a back injury and his return is uncertain.

I know there are some guys whose names you read and don’t consider picking them up, but Nesterovic is just too good and getting too many minutes to be owned in just 11 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

DeShawn Stevenson was was deservedly flying under the radar due to his terrible play and finally emerged on Tuesday, scoring 22 points and burying five 3-pointers. Until Gilbert Arenas returns, Stevenson should be a tick above being considered a 3-point specialist because he’ll add some assists and steals.

Fuck You Coach Cheeks*

Cheeks is going to stay in the cross hairs of this section as long as Sam Dalembert is playing just 12 minutes. Seriously? You couldn’t find more minutes for your 7-footer against a Chicago team with no interior presence?

Maurice Cheeks, possibly wondering why his team seems so short. Maybe it's the 7-footer he's barely using.

Maurice Cheeks, possibly wondering why his team seems so short. Maybe it's because of the 7-footer he isn't using.

* Name of coach will change for each roundup


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