Walk It Off!: Monday’s NBA Crybabies

Some injury notes from around The Association:

Surprise, McGrady leads

Surprise! Tracy McGrady leads today's batch of NBA whiners.

After visiting Dr. James “Angel of Death” Andrews, Tracy McGrady will miss at least another week with a sore left knee. Even after returning, he will face limited minutes so it seems that Carl Landry, Aaron Brooks and Luther Head are all solid gambles for a little while.

If you drafted McGrady, you knew this was coming at some point. But for God’s sake, can’t he just get over it? Knees are for jumping. He needs to develop a set shot and get back out there.

As briefly mentioned in the daily roundup, Corey Brewer will be sidelined for the remainder of the season with a torn knee ligament. Brewer was providing virtually no fantasy value this season but his 20 minutes per game can now be divided up among more fantasy relevant players like Rashard McCants, Ryan Gomes, Kevin Love, Craig Smith, etc.

The rapidly-declining-in-value Kelenna Azubuike missed Monday’s game with a sprained left foot and is day-to-day. I once shot hoops in my driveway with a sprained ankle, so stop being a pussy. The English wuss side of you is currently defeating the tough Nigerian side.

Marcus Camby and rookie Eric Gordon will both be game time decisions for the Clippers on Tuesday. Camby has a bad ankle and Gordon could not get through Monday’s practice with a hamstring injury, eventually receiving envious looks .from Baron Davis. Seriously, both guys should just suck it up and play. It’s not like it’s fun just sitting there and WATCHING the Clippers.

Little Boo Boos: Andrei Kirilenko is day-to-day with an inflamed right ankle, which I’m pretty sure is an STD; Nate Robinson is still unable to return from his groin injury, also an STD.

That’s More Like It:

Camelo Anthony got treatment on his ailing right elbow Monday and should play Tuesday night, proving himself to be a true tough guy. Hopefully, he won’t pull any of that prima donna crap like pulling himself out of the game in the second quarter.


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