Life Interrupts Hoops: Good News/Bad News/More Good News Part 1

The infrequency of my posting lately has less to do with slacking and more to do with my wedding coming up on Sunday afternoon. Lots of scrambling in these last few days makes it tough to get blogging time.

Of course, the wedding is followed by the honeymoon (two weeks in Hawaii) and I doubt I’ll have (or want to make) time for blogging so this will likely be my last post until the week of Thanksgiving. I will, of course, have to sneak in time to check my fantasy teams of course and make lineup changes, etc. when the new wife is in the shower.

However, considering there are already more people reading this blog than I ever expected (thanks to the guys at Give Me the Rock and Points In the Paint, among others), when it does return I have a whole new plans for daily/weekly features in order to produce a level of quality that matches the redearship (and hopefully increase it as well).

With that said, some quick observations from the first week of play. Keep in mind, I hardly ever recommend dropping/adding anyone this early. I’m sticking with all my rosters through the first month because I’m confident in my draft prep.

  •  It’s a terrible start but I am sticking with Hakim Warrick on the teams on which I have him. It can’t be long before the Grizzlies realize they would be better off playing him more minutes. If you can stick him on your bench to wait it out, go for it.
  • After a preseason finger injury, Baron Davis now has a hip problem. I’m sure resting on the large pile of money he received in the offseason will help it heal.
  • I drafted Shawn Marion late in the first round of one league and although his scoring is so-so, 10.5 rebounds, 2.5 steals and 2.5 blocks are nice. Hope those percentages come up though.
  • The mediocre numbers of Kobe Bryant (19.5 ppg), Pau Gasol (14.0 ppg) and Lamar Odom (7.5 ppg, 5.5 rpg) are not to worry about. They’re going to have stretches like that when the Lakers are blowing teams out.
  • Tim Duncan (29.5 ppg) and Tony Parker (28 ppg) are going to be scoring machines until Manu gets back.
  • David Lee has 29 points, 22 rebounds, eight assists and four steals in two games. He’s fitting with D’Antoni’s style just fine.
  •  With nine 3-pointers in two games, it appears Stephen Jackson will have no shooting conscious this season (at least until/if Monta Ellis returns).

Wish I could make this post way longer, but there will be much more in a couple weeks when the season is in full swing, I’m all tanned up and the (possibly re-named) blog will be better than ever!




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3 responses to “Life Interrupts Hoops: Good News/Bad News/More Good News Part 1

  1. Dao

    Hope you enjoy your honeymoon =)

    PS lee in the 4th round of a 20 team league now looks to be a steal…i think >_<

  2. Nick-(Iowa)

    Congrats and have a great day tomorrow.

    Just for your own info, I like FBJ’s name.

  3. Congrats on your wife-agent contract signing! Or were you her waiver pick-up? Whatever! Enjoy Hawaii! Too bad it doesn’t have an NBA team as you could have probably snuck in a game or two. Good luck to her! 🙂

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