Early Panic and Undeserved Pats on the Back

Doesn’t that pretty much sum up how everyone feels after the first night? You’re either extrapolating the statistics to a) project how the players you picked are out for their worst season ever or b) figure how you managed the greatest draft of all time.

Don’t forget to contiually repeat “It’s only one game” if you watched/checked the box score for one of your fantasy players and saw underwhelming or overwhelming results. After all, knee-jerk reactions could be plentiful if you jump to conclusions about some of the players who faltered or dominated on opening night.

The bad:

  • Greg Oden looked shaky then would up injuring his right foot. Of course, it’s perfectly legitimate to be concerned about the injury, but don’t worry to much about his play. He’s going to rack up a lot of fouls this season and he did have five rebounds and a block in 12-plus minutes. We saw what we though he is: raw offensively with a knack for rebounding and blocking shots.
  • Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge were shackled by the Lakers defense. Not a big worry, the Lakers are a great team for a reason.
  • With just two assists and four turnovers, it doesn’t look like Mo Williams will be racking up too many assists, does it?
  • Kendrick Perkins fouled out despite playing just 20 minutes and had zero points, eight rebounds and zero blocks. Nice job.
  • Charlie Villanueva played just eight minutes and missed four of shots despite starting at power forward. I feel he’ll have way too many nights like this to get truly excited about him.

The good:

  • You have to feel good if you drafted Kirk Hinrich, who had 15 points on 5-of-10 shooting and seven assists in the same game rookie Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon played well. Maybe they can all co-exist without issues. Then again, Milwaukee sucks.
  • Rose did pretty much what I expect all season. Nice amount of assists (nine) and steals (three) but shaky shooting (3/9 FGs, 5/7 FTs) and a bunch of turnovers (four).
  • Tyrus Thomas played 41 minutes and posted a double-double (15 points, 10 rebounds) while Joakim Noah got only 19 minutes.
  • Michael Redd sure didn’t look disgruntled.
  • Travis Outlaw and rookie Rudy Fernandez had solid games while their teammates floundered. Love Outlaw but not sure Fernandez is going to get consistent enough minutes this season.
  • Jordan Farmar’s line of nine points, six rebounds, six assists and a steal in 23 minutes. The beginning of big things for him.
  • Paul Pierce picking up where he left off.
  • It’s worth nothing than Leon Powe got the most minutes off the Celtics bench at 23 and scored 13 points.

A relatively uneventful fantasy evening. Now even more excitement kicks in for a full slate of games Wednesday night.


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One response to “Early Panic and Undeserved Pats on the Back

  1. CP

    Completely agree about not overreacting to one game. Personally, I’m trying very hard not to over-analyze Garnett’s less than stellar performance from last night. That said, something is not right when he’s being outscored by Powe and outrebounded by Perkins.

    Speaking of the Celtics (and I’m a Lakers fan so it slightly pains me to say this), I thought Rondo looked really good last night. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up leading the league in steals. If he ever figures out how to make some free throws, he’d be a solid fantasy PG.

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