Broken Ankles, A Balky Knee and the Matrix

Sunday night came my final draft of the season as I took part in the 14-team draft for the RotoEvil challenge. Trying to boil down the rules for the league as simply as possible, here it is:

There are actually two scoring systems at work: a standard eight-category roto league and a points league based on the PER rating system devised by ESPN’s John Hollinger. It’s an experiment by RotoEvil to create a league where both roto fantasy value and “real” value matter. I was far too curious not to join. Maybe it will be too complicated to be enjoyable, but it’ll add to the thought process (good thing or bad thing?).

Believe it or not, even a great roto player won’t be as great based on Hollinger’s PER, so it’s not like you can attempt to draft as it is a normal eight-cat league. It certainly added a twist.

There are 10 active roster spots for a lineup that is set weekly: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, SG/SF, PF/C, 2 Us as well as four bench spots and an IR spot. 

Also, there are NO TRADES in this league. Which certainly affects strategy of drafting guys like Yao, who you just have to hope stays healthy all season.

Overall I’m happy with the team but as you will see, I’ll be checking the medical reports of a few NBA teams for quite a while:

1st Round (12th overall): Shawn Marion. I wanted to start my draft with a true eight-category roto stud and when Marion fell to 12th overall, I didn’t hesitate. His potential is just too great to ignore, even if he was just 37th in PER last season. After all, it will take success in both scoring systems to win.

2nd Round (17th overall):For the second time in as many drafts, Chauncey Billups found his way to my team. He was 12th in PER last season and a solid roto point guard as well. Although I have this dreaded feeling that the demise of Billups is going to tank multiple teams now.

3rd Round (40th overall)Michael Redd. Now I began focusing a little more on PER and Redd was 39th last season plus is a little more well-rounded a roto player than many seem to think.

4th Round (45th overall):Here is where I start spinning the roulette wheel, grabbing Mike Dunleavy. I ignored the headlines such as…

Dunleavy’sknee slow to heal

Mike Dunleavy Jr.: Knee Injury More Significant Than First Thought

….and became the first guy in the draft to nab someone with a potential season-ending knee injury. Other than whoever selected Yao, of course.

For some reason, even though there is a substatial amount of money in this league, I felt the need to take this gamble because Dunleavy is a Top 50 player in both scoring systems and my balls were feeling big.

5th Round (68th overall): Desperately in need of a big man and with five centers flying off the board in recent picks, I chose Emeka Okafor. A ton of blocks and rebounds and a high FG% as well as being 64th in PER last season, he was a solid choice.

6th Round (73rd overall):Wanted to continue on a run of frontcourt players and, after Tyson Chandler was nabbed right before my pick, my backup plan was Lamar Odom. Again, I’m not high on him this season, but he was 80th in PER last season and is a solid roto player.

7th Round (96th overall):Another player I’m not super high on, but I had to take Brad Miller here. He was 74th in PER last season and is a solid roto center as well. Plus my last three picks provide a solid foundation of rebounding for the roto side of things.

8th Round (101st overall): Continuing one of preseason man crushes, Ronnie Brewer was an obvious choice for me. Brewer was 50th in PER last season and is on the verge of being a roto stud and I got him at 101st overall. Pretty excited about that.

9th Round (124th overall):Another pick I am proud of …. Hakim Warrick. I’ve touted his value this season plenty of times. He was 92nd in PER last season when he didn’t get nearly enough playing time and now he’ll be the second-best scoring option on the Grizzlies. Can’t believe he fell this far in this particular league.

10th Round (129th overall): It’s always hard to predict PER for rookies but I jumped on the chance to own Kevin Love. I’m wary of rookies but he was a solid choice this late in the draft. Scouts Inc. has him pegged as the fifth best rookie as a solid source of rebounds and a high FG%.

11th Round (152nd overall): To continue the recurring theme of having to miss at least part of all of my drafts, I left for work after my 10th round pick and even though I drove like a maniac and got there in about 14 minutes, my 11th rounder was auto-drafted and it was Monta Ellis. I now have Ellis on three teams. Please God, heal this fucking guy.

12th Round (157th overall): Another auto-draftee that makes me sicker than Ellis is Derek Fisher. Looking at who was available, I would have definitely gone with Travis Outlaw, Luis Scola, Ronny Turiaf, Jordan Farmar or Jason Maxiell here. Not a good start to the work day.

13th Round (180th overall): Bouncing back from the auto-picks with another choice I’m proud of I selected Brandon Bass. He’s going to be a solid part of the Mavs rotation this season and will contribute, especially in the PER department.

14th Round (185th):Playing out the string, I went with Rasho Nesterovic. If you look at it, he actually might be their best interior offensive player. And if Dunleavy’s out, clearly the hole will be filled by Nesterovic. At least that’s what I will keep telling myself … over and over and over.

Usually I’m all about minimizing risk in fantasy drafts and in looking over this drafts, I have an INSANE amount of risk. Marion minus Nash, Billups getting older, Dunleavy’s knee and Ellis’ ankle. It all leads me to one conclusion…..

I should never have planned my wedding during fantasy drafting season.


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