Daily Roundup for Thursday, October 23rd

News is terribly slow in these last few days before the season starts, but…..

Amare Stoudemire discolated his left pinky in a preseason game. While I think this may be just a ploy to make me feel better about not getting to draft him in any leagues thusfar, it appears he’s going to be just fine.

Andrew Bogut remained out with a toe injury but is expected to play in the season opener, which is good news since I’ve drafted him in two leagues already.

And I know I’m a little late on this, but after it was initially reported he would be sidelined for two months, it appears he’ll be back much sooner. It’s certainly not nice to root for a players injury but I don’t need ANY reasons to draft the guy, especially with Give Me the Rock’s 20-team draft on Saturday when his name will certainly come up.


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One response to “Daily Roundup for Thursday, October 23rd

  1. seanlb

    after this week’s GMTR 12 (wo)man draft, i wish i had opted for the 20 man as well.

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