The NBA, where SCHOENE happens

Kevin Pelton at Basketball Prospectus has introduced an NBA projection system he has named SCHOENE, which stands for “Standardized Comparable Heuristic Optimizing Empirical NBA Evolution”. These are not intended for fantasy purposes, but any in-depth analysis can certainly be used to help you build a strong team.

In addition to detailing the method of generating the projections, you can download a spreadsheet that includes 356 players and a range of both cumulative and per game stats. With four drafts this week, it’s a little late for me to really break these down in comparison with my rankings, but I’ll definitely have it up on my screen as a reference point.

Pelton himself admits that the system is a work in progress (after all, he projects Yao to play 70 games), but I am sucker for well-calculated prjections and this certainly seems to fit the bill.


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