2008-09 Fantasy Basketball Head-to-Head Rankings

The head-to-head rankings differ from the roto rankings in a couple of fundamental ways although they are not tremendously different.

Firstly, players that contribute heavily in only one category are generally ranked higher because team balance is less imperative in head-to-head. It’s more important to kill your opponent in as many individual categories, making one-cat wonders slightly more valuable.

Secondly, the impact of percentages decline because those categories are so hard to predict on a week-to-week basis. For instance, while you know over the course of a season LeBron James will shoot about 70 percent from the line (hurting his value in a roto format and likely preventing you from winning that category), he’ll have plenty of weeks where he shoots a ton of free throws at a good percentage and wins you that category in head-to-head. Percentages aren’t disregarded totally, just slightly downgraded in importance.

These rankings also take into consideration a player’s ability to stay healthy and don’t give too much weight too turnovers.

Again, feel free to drop some comments if you think I missed anyone or just love/hate the rankings in general.

Note: All player positions reflect eligibility in Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball leagues.

Player Pos TEAM
1. Paul PG NOR
2. Amare C/PF PHO
3. James SF CLE
4. Bryant SG LAL
5. Nowitzki PF DAL
6. Marion SF/PF MIA
7. Wade PG/SG MIA
8. Iverson PG/SG DEN
9. Garnett PF BOS
10. Brand C/PF PHI
11. B. Davis PG LAC
12. Butler SF WAS
13. Granger SG/SF IND
14. Billups PG DET
15. Iguodala SG/SF PHI
16. A. Jefferson C/PF MIN
17. Duncan C/PF SAS
18. Camby C LAC
19. Richardson SG/SF CHA
20. J. Smith SF/PF ATL
21. D. Williams PG UTH
22. R. Lewis SF/PF ORL
23. Gay SF/PF MEM
24. Carter SG/SF NJN
25. Martin SG SAC
26. Boozer PF UTH
27. Jamison SF/PF WAS
28. Calderon PG TOR
29. Bosh C TOR
30. Nash PG PHO
31. Anthony SF DEN
32. West PF NOR
33. D. Howard C ORL
34. Gasol C/PF LAL
35. Artest SF/PF HOU
36. Pierce SG/SF BOS
37. Kidd PG DAL
38. J. Johnson PG/SG ATL
39. Yao C HOU
40. G. Wallace SF/PF CHA
41. R. Wallace C/PF DET
42. Bynum C LAL
43. Roy PG/SG POR
44. Dunleavy SG/SF IND
45. Biedrins C GSW
46. Durant SG/SF OKC
47. Odom SF/PF LAL
48. Turkoglu SG/SF ORL
49. Ginobili SG SAS
50. Kaman C LAC
51. Redd SG/SF MIL
52. Aldridge C/PF POR
53. Arenas PG WAS
54. Okur C/PF UTH
55. B. Miller C SAC
56. Jo. Howard SG/SF DAL
57. Harris PG NJN
58. Jackson SG/SF GSW
59. Terry PG/SG DAL
60. Stojakovic SG/SF NOR
61. Bogut C MIL
62. Allen SG BOS
63. Mo. Williams PG CLE
64. M. Miller SG/SF MIN
65. Kirilenko SF/PF UTH
66. Maggette SG/SF GSW
67. Moon SF TOR
68. A. Miller PG PHI
69. Horford C/PF ATL
70. Harrington C/PF GSW
71. Lee C/PF NYK
72. Beasley SF/PF MIA
73. Barbosa PG/SG PHO
74. Crawford PG/SG NYK
75. Brewer SG/SF UTH
76. Deng SG/SF CHI
77. McGrady SG/SF HOU
78. Hinrich PG/SG CHI
79. Oden C POR
80. Gordon SG CHI
81. Okafor C/PF CHA
82. Bibby PG ATL
83. Dalembert C PHI
84. Rondo PG BOS
85. Murphy C/PF IND
86. F. Garcia SG/SF SAC
87. R. Jefferson SF MIL
88. Chandler C NOR
89. Ilgauskas C CLE
90. Hamilton SG DET
91. T. Parker PG SAS
92. Ford PG IND
93. J.R. Smith SG DEN
94. Foye PG/SG MIN
95. Noah C/PF CHI
96. A. Parker SG/SF TOR
97. T. Young SF/PF PHI
98. Alston PG HOU
99. Randolph PF NYK
100. J. O’Neal C/PF TOR
101. Ma. Williams SF/PF ATL
102. Love C/PF MIN
103. Gomes SF/PF MIN
104. K-Mart PF DEN
105. Prince SF DET
106. Felton PG/SG CHA
107. Salmons SG/SF SAC
108. Hill SG/SF PHO
109. Nelson PG ORL
110. Ellis PG/SG GSW
111. Bell SG/SF PHO
112. Pietrus SG/SF ORL
113. R. Davis SG/SF LAC
114. Farmar PG/SG LAL
115. Battier SF HOU
116. Gooden PF CHI
117. Villaneueva SF/PF MIL
118. Udrih PG SAC
119. Outlaw SF/PF POR
120. A. Johnson SF/PF DET
121. L. Williams PG/SG PHI
122. Millsap C/PF UTH
123. Wilcox C/PF OKC
124. Blatche C/PF WAS
125. Warrick SF/PF MEM
126. Barnes SF PHO
127. Scola C/PF HOU
128. Collison C/PF OKC
129. Stevenson SG WAS
130. Fisher PG LAL
131. Foster C/PF IND
132. Nocioni SF/PF CHI
133. Korver SF UTH
134. Mobley SG LAC
135. Conley Jr PG/SG MEM
136. Stuckey PG/SG DET
137. Ty. Thomas SF/PF CHI
138. Posey SG/SF NOR
139. Kleiza SG/SF DEN
140. Marcus Williams PG/SG GSW
141. Bargnani C/PF TOR
142. Maxiell C/PF DET
143. McCants SG/SF MIN
144. Duhon PG NYK
145. Thornton SF/PF LAC
146. McDyess PF DET
147. Robinson PG/SG NYK
148. Diaw C/PF PHO
149. Watson PG OKC
150. De. West PG/SG CLE
151. B. Wallace C/PF CLE
152. Dampier C DAL
153. A. Daniels PG WAS
154. Azubuike SG/SF GSW
155. Mayo PG/SG MEM
156. Turiaf C/PF GSW
157. Perkins C BOS
158. K. Thomas C/PF SAS
159. Hughes PG/SG CHI
160. Quinn PG/SG MIA
161. Nesterovic C IND
162. Lowry PG/SG MEM
163. Ridnour PG MIL
164. Jaric SG/SF MEM
165. Haslem PF MIA
166. Barry PG/SG HOU
167. Finley SG/SF SAS
168. J. Green SF/PF OKC
169. Fernandez PG/SG POR
170. S. Williams C/PF NJN
171. D. Rose PG CHI
172. Nene C/PF DEN
173. Szczerbiak SG/SF CLE
174. Mason PG SAS
175. Bass SF/PF DAL
176. Jack PG IND
177. Tim Thomas SF/PF LAC
178. Sessions PG/SG MIL
179. E. Thomas C/PF WAS
180. Mohammed C CHA
181. A. Carter PG DEN
182. Simmons SG/SF NJN
183. Landry SF/PF HOU
184. House SG BOS
185. Yi PF NJN
186. Radmanovic PF LAL
187. Vujacic PG/SG LAL
188. M. Gasol C MEM
189. Banks PG MIA
190. Webster SG/SF POR
191. Hayes SF/PF HOU
192. Bogans SG/SF ORL
193. Najera SF/PF NJN
194. Blake PG POR
195. May PF CHA
196. Darko C/PF MEM
197. Tinsley PG IND
198. Varejao C/PF CLE
199. Gibson PG/SG CLE
200. Boone C/PF NJN
201. Moore C/PF SAC
202. Miles SG/SF UTH
203. Q. Richardson SG/SF NYK
204. Shaq C PHO
205. Westbrook PG OKC
206. Marbury PG NYK
207. Powe SF/PF BOS
208. Do. Wright SG/SF MIA
209. C. Brewer SG/SF MIN
210. Peterson SG/SF NOR
211. Bayless PG POR
212. Diop C/PF DAL
213. Ariza SF LAL
214. W. Chandler SG/SF NYK
215. Stackhouse SG/SF DAL
216. Wilkins SG/SF OKC
217. Udoka SF SAS
218. T. Allen PG/SG BOS
219. Carroll SG/SF CHA
220. Kapono SG/SF TOR
221. Petro C OKC
222. Humphries SF/PF TOR
223. Atkins PG DEN
224. Oberto C SAS
225. Cassell PG BOS
226. Lopez C/PF NJN
227. C. Smith C/PF MIN
228. Sefolosha SG/SF CHI
229. Gallinari SF NYK
230. Knight PG UTH
231. Songaila PF WAS
232. N. Young SG/SF WAS
233. Telfair PG MIN
234. Mason SG/SF OKC
235. Frye C/PF POR
236. W. Green SG PHI
237. Augustin PG CHA
238. Hawes C SAC
239. Curry C NYK
240. Belinelli PG/SG GSW
241. Chalmers PG MIA




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6 responses to “2008-09 Fantasy Basketball Head-to-Head Rankings

  1. I wasn’t done reading when I noticed how low you have Steve Nash at, and I rushed to make this comment. Why is that? Do you really expect that much of a decline from him this year?

  2. I assume this is before the Baron injury news?

    Also, you note that health plays a factor. What I don’t understand is: how are Brand, Baron Davis, Deron Williams, Wade — all guys coming off huge injuries or experiencing recurring ones in the preseason — consistently so high. Especially in a deep league, I want the safest possible first-round picks. I think games played should be one of the most important stats in consideration — if you’ve got a guy who is relatively healthy, but will miss 10-12 games (let’s say Garnett or Bosh), is that really the guy you want to build your team around?

  3. fantasyaddict

    Erik, in my eyes there is a ton of unpredictability surrounding Nash right now. Look at his pre-D’antoni numbers combined with his likely declining minutes and the fact that he gives you nothing defensively. I still expect him to go in the first two rounds in most leagues, but not by me.

    FatherScott, sometimes upside outweighs risk. Wade’s Olympics performance proved to me he was healthy; Brand had three stright seasons of 79-plus games before last season’s Achilles injury and he is fully healed from that; Bosh is ranked 29, hardly consider that too high; and last season Garnett played in less than 76 games in a full season for the first time. I’m not going to hold that against him since it was randomn injury (oblique).

    As far as Williams and Davis, we’re still awaiting word on just how serious their injuries are. Williams is scheduled for MRI today and Davis is visiting a hand specialist.

    If I had draft today, I’d drop Davis around Nash territory and Williams just ahead of Jason Kidd. I’d be assuming both Williams and Davis will be missing about a month.

  4. DS

    in my opinion, rather questionable H2H rankings.
    you pretty much lost me with dwight howard in the low 30’s?? the guy is a beast ,and his ft% impact is diminished in H2H scoring.

  5. fantasyaddict

    You’re entitled to your opinion but I was just in a draft full of pretty knowledgeable guys and he went 27th, so I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch.

  6. 33

    I chose Dwight Howard as the 11th overall pick in my H2H league. Am I overvaluing him that much that you have him at 33? Seems like a guy who can almost single handedly win you a couple categories a week in H2H would be more valuable. If I’m that far off base, I probably should have accepted the trade offer I received the other day. I would have got Amare & Ricky Davis for Howard and Ben Gordon.

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