Weekend Roundup

Before posting the rankings (possibly later today, screw football) and getting to the final team preview (sorry Agent Zero, you just have to wait), there has been a number of developments to be noted over the past few days.

As everyone has probably heard by now, Jazz star point guard Deron Williams sprained his left ankle in Friday’s game.  The severity of the injury is not yet known. At worst he could be out six weeks and miss the first month of the regular season. I’m not moving him on my draft board until I know for sure, but it’s another example of why I like drafting as late as possible.

Shocker here but Tracy McGrady may miss the start of the regular season because of knee and shoulder problems. The trend continues.

Baron Davis will be visiting a hand specialist on Monday to get his injured ring finger examined. Even before this I was skeptical on Davis. With a history of injuries, he now has his big contract and is a prime candidate to miss a lot of games.

Nets center Josh Boone experienced chest discomfort during practice on Friday and the Nets are “playing it safe” with him. Boone was already a borderline draftable player but he’s fallen off the board in 12 team leagues if New Jersey has to worry about heart issues. The team is doing further tests on Monday.



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3 responses to “Weekend Roundup

  1. How much more valuable can Chris Paul be right now? With all the injuries to PGs, is Chauncey back into consideration at, say, 12th overall (after Paul, Iverson and Wade are off the board I mean?)

  2. fantasyaddict

    You’re right. I’m trying to figure out a way to move Paul up from number one in my rankings. I’ve contacted some mathemetician friends to help me come up with a more absolute number. They are working on it.

  3. If you think Paul’s current ranking is high, you should see him on some of the QUANTUM fantasy basketball big boards.

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