Daily Roundup for Tuesday, October 14th

The team previews are preventing me from posting these as much as I should be. Luckily, the team previews are almost complete. Here’s the roundup for today:

After initially protesting the move, Lamar Odom apparently now says he’s OK with coming off the bench for the Lakers, although he doesn’t seem thrilled about it. I think it would be good for his fantasy value because he will kind of get lost in the shuffle with the starting unit.

Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic has a fracture in his left ankle and will miss the next 14 days, which means he won’t start the season at full strength. Don’t think he was draftable anyway. I’d rather have Farmar.

Timberwolves backup point guard Sebastian Telafir has been suspended for the first three games of the season for robbing a bank, or something. He shouldn’t be drafted except for the deepest of leagues anyway, unless you are so desperate for assists you are willing to turn tricks.


John Hollinger had a chat over at ESPN.com and though he doesn’t deal with fantasy per se, he’s an insightful source of info that can help your team. Some of the better points:

On the Wizards: “Arenas is unlikely to come back as the pre-injury Arenas, and that’s why the $111 million deal they gave him was so goofy.” (I agree, don’t see Arenas ever being near what he once was again.)

On Rudy Fernandez’s chances to win Rookie of the Year: “No chance. Won’t play enough and won’t play well enough when he does. He’s gonna be fantastic, but don’t get ahead of yourself on this one. In fact, as a calming exercise, go back and look at Manu’s first-year stats. … I’ll guess 15-20 minutes a night, toward the lower end at first and then increasing as the year goes on, subbing in for Roy and then periodically playing together with him in the backcourt when Roy moves to point, or at the 3 when Nate goes small.”

On Jamal Crawford under D’Antoni: “I’m not sure why everyone is pointing to Crawford as a guy who’ll blow up under D’Antoni. Isiah played him 40-plus minutes and let him do whatever he wanted; that’s the ceiling folks, it’s not getting any better than that for him. Playing fast doesn’t mean guys with terrible shot selection automatically blossom. Actually, the guy I think will do best compared to last year is Randolph.” (Interesting, it seems that Randolph would struggle on an uptempo team but I defer to Hollinger here. Crawford’s still the better fantasy player.)


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