Bill Simmons Trying to Re-Invent the Wheel

Perhaps the title of the post is a little harsh, but Bill Simmons today posted a piece on about how to change fantasy basketball for the better. Personally, I think fantasy basketball is great as it is and has no more/less inconsistencies than other fantasy sports.

He does make some solid points:

  • Giving double weight to points, rebounds and assists, since those determine and actually valuable player more than percentages, etc. (I assume he’s referring to head-to-head leagues in this article, not standard roto leagues)
  • Having a budget and a blind auction for free agents. Hardly a novel idea, auction baseball leagues have been doing this for years, but I’ve never done it in a basketball league and it’s a good system.
  • Extending the fantasy playoffs into the NBA playoffs. I’m not saying every league should do this but it’s a neat little wrinkle for some leagues. Imagine pulling for the Hawks because you need Joe Johnson on your active roster for one more week.

As far as the idea that seem a little far-fetched:

  • Not sure why he’s mentioning more specified positions as something new. I’ve never been in a league that didn’t break the positions into Point Guard, Shooting Guard, etc.
  • Also don’t get why he thinks that owners who drafted badly will have the first crack at good early-season free agents. The waiver order should go in reverse draft order, so that’s not necessarily true. Maybe he’s making the point that owners who drafted horribly will have more candidates to cut loose early in the season.
  • And I don’t agree with the opinion that you can’t recover from an injury to a franchise player in fantasy basketball. You may have to change some strategy on the fly, but it’s definitely doable.

I usually enjoy Simmons’ stuff but this piece seems a little less-wordy than his usual stuff. I have a feeling this is going to be in ESPN the Magazine and had to be shorter. Knowing his love of fantasy sports and basketball, he could have easily made 10,000 words out of this.

And, no surprise, Larry Bird is mentioned in the piece.



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3 responses to “Bill Simmons Trying to Re-Invent the Wheel

  1. Dao

    well….if you wasted one of your first picks on t-mac or yao or arenas or kirilenko the past few years and built your team around their positives and then found out that your center piece is gone…yeah….kinda sucks

  2. I think his point with the waiver priority is that in some leagues the waiver hierarchy changes after every week based on performance, so if you lose the first week and score the lowest points you have the best priority and pick up a guy everyone missed. The flaw in his thinking, I think, is that if you drafted that poorly, you’re probably not going to be reckoned with throughout the season anyway, cause you probably don’t care much.

    I think his reworking of the rules is too much. It’s too complicated. You need some level of simplicity in fantasy sports, that’s why fantasy football is the most popular.

    Nice site.

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