Funny/Sad Auto-Draft Story

This is the opposite of Drafterglow:

Right after Yahoo! registration began I wanted to take a look at their preseason rankings. In order to do so, you have to be part of a league. Since no invitation had been sent my way yet, I just signed up for a public league and went to the “Edit My Rankings” page, where you can alter the Yahoo player rankings.

As I charted their rankings I was removing players from the list. For example, once I noted what players were in the top 10, I would remove them from the list and move on. Once I got past the top 200, I stopped and totally forgot about the league.

Then I got a notice that the league had filled up and the auto-draft happened. Since my saved rankings did not contain the top 200 players in the NBA, my auto draft went this way:




Yi Jianlian



Kelenna Azubuike



Jordan Farmar



Bobby Simmons



Kyle Lowry



Eric Gordon



Mario Chalmers



Darrell Arthur



Jelani McCoy



Elton Brown



Brandon Bass



Jason Kapono



Marco Belinelli



After trying and failing to get out of the league, I had pretty much decided to just ignore it. Then I realized I could finally put one of my fantasy ideas to the test. Can someone survive in a fantasy league with a team totally comprised of undrafted players, using their expertise and diligence on the waiver wire to manage a respectable finish?

Using this method, it’s pretty clear that points and rebounds are going to be a weakness. So my strategy is to focus on 3-point shooters with high FT%s (assists are a bonus) and shot blockers with great FG%s. Keep in mind, if I wind up finishing even in the middle of the pack in this league, it’s a major success.

Of course, I swapped out the entire drafted team (which I re-named “The Undrafteds”) and went to work on the waiver wire. Here is how the team looks now:

Guards: Marbury, Gibson, Stevenson, Blake, Nate Robinson, Watson, J.R. Smth

Forwards: Powe, Foster, McDyess, Millsap

Centers: Boone, Dampier

This team sucks royal ass, but might be able to give enough 3-pointers, blocks and assists (and hopefully the percentages even out) to place in the middle of the league. There is even some potential for rebounds with Foster, Boone and Dampier and asissts with Blake and Watson. Time will tell.



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4 responses to “Funny/Sad Auto-Draft Story

  1. The spirit of a true fantasy warrior!

    Since it’s a public league, you probably have a decent shot at doing okay.

  2. Man that’s one heck of a challenge, if I ever saw one! Good Luck!

  3. Daniel

    Cool idea. Some of those players you have actually are not so bad. You can most likely win turnovers too.

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