Six Weeks of Anticipation

Now that the boring time leading up to Fantasy Football season is underway (I’m in three leagues, but let’s face it, fantasy football is EASY!), the anticipation for the NBA season is revving up.

Already lots of NBA news is starting to hit the media (knee injuries to Arenas, Al Jefferson; Lamar Odom possibly heading to the bench; Jason Maxiell’s contract offer, etc.)

So over the next six weeks I’m going to post short profiles of each NBA team and their fantasy worthy players. 2nd Round Reach is already doing some fantastic ones, but you can never have too many opinions when prepping.

I’ll also toss in any player/team updates they might pop up leading into the season such as injuries, trades and strip club shootouts (which may or may not feature Stephen Jackson).



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4 responses to “Six Weeks of Anticipation

  1. Every time I try to explain to people why basketball is the only fantasy sport I play I have to deal with the incredulous looks I get when I explain how ridiculously easy fantasy football is and how ridiculously long a fantasy baseball season is. Yokels.

    Thanks for the love. I totally dig FBJ, so keep it coming!

  2. fantasyaddict

    Don’t get me wrong, I love fantasy baseball and I do play fantasy football, but it’s boring. It’s all about drafting starting RBs and No. 1 WRs and hoping no one gets hurt.

    Plus that way day a week thing means even lazy people can be good at it. I guess that’s why it’s so easy to get people to sign up for fantasy football and it’s like pulling to teeth to get even NBA fans to get into fantasy basketball.

  3. “Plus that one day a week thing means even lazy people can be good at it.”

    You said. I played fantasy football once and finished third in my league with only about 1 week of prep time and 1 hour a week. Fantasy basketball is for the hardcore fantasy players.

  4. Absolutely. If I wasn’t the nerd that I was and didn’t demand an intensive, daily game, I would play fantasy football.

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