Say It Ain’t So, Agent Zero

Word has come down that Gilbert Arenas will miss at least the first month of the season after having a “procedure”  on the same knee that kept him sidelined for all but 13 games last season. In case you’re counting, it’s his third knee operation. Bad news.

The huge contract Arenas received from the Wizards in the offseason (six-year, $111 million) seemed to be a sign that he was fully healthy. After all, a team doesn’t invest that kind of money in a player unless they are sure. But his knee has been limited throughout the offseason and he needed to have some “floating debris removed.”

Had this not happened, I would have considered Arenas a first or second round pick, expecting him to put up numbers similar to two seasons ago. Now, you have to be concerned he may never be the same player he once was.

There is still a chance that once he returns in December, he will be OK. But there will be time needed to shake off the rust and then you still have to pray the knee holds up. At this point, I’d have trouble recommending him as anything other than a sixth-round pick or lower.

Again, the point in the higher rounds is to minimize risk and Arenas, at this point, has become a HUGE risk that could payoff handsomely.


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