Empire Building Part I: Know Your Rules (Obvious but Important)

The number one most important thing heading into your draft is to know the rules backwards and forwards. This seems incredibly obvious but it’s also surprising how often owners get this wrong. And yes, I have done it myself.


Sometimes commissioners can throw little wrinkles into the scoring system that can turn conventional thinking on its ear.


Last season I agreed to compete in a 10-team league at the last minute and had to do the draft over the phone at work. (I was suckered in by the big potential payout). Only AFTER the draft did I realize that the commish had used Ast/TO Ratio as a category instead of TO.


Because I draft an excellent front line and took my guards later on, I was dead last in the category most of the season. While my frontcourt players didn’t commit many turnovers, they also didn’t generate many assists, so the ratio was off.


I moved up a couple spots late in the season and wound up finishing 9th out of 10 in the category. I finished third overall, still made money, and would have been better had Andrew Bynum’s knee not crumpled like a piece of tinfoil. But my lack of draft-day foresight doomed me from competing for the top spot. I finish about six points out of first.


So be sure you don’t get yourself in a similar situation. The last thing you want to do is be asking fellow owners about the rules during the draft because there are no people that can benefit more from giving you “disinformation” as the CIA would call it. If you have to bring a printed out chart of the league’s scoring system/position eligibility requirements, etc, so be it.


Part II later this week.


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